Welcome to the Cogwheel 5k Canter Running Festival 2020

The first Cogwheel 5k held last year on New Year’s Eve was a memorable event for the hundreds taking part.  It’s not just about the run, it’s about coming together to support a cause. A virtual 5k isn’t quite the same but working together to support mental wellbeing is good for us collectively

Cogwheel 5k Canter  – walk, run, crawl or meander, we simply don’t mind how you do yours.* Your run can be completed anywhere you choose, we only ask that the distance is covered. Follow the link below to register to enter.  It costs just £8 to take part and you’ll be sent a medal at the end.

FAMILY Ticket for £16 available by emailing Neil Davies neil@cogwheel.org.uk

All proceeds will go to Cogwheel Counselling (charity number 1157141) which provides affordable counselling to those on lower incomes who would not otherwise be able to benefit from counselling. Full information on services available at www.cogwheel.org.uk

Virtual Cogwheel Canter 5k – [Enter Here]

The virtual event will be open throughout the 12 days of Christmas

Upon registration, you will be emailed a participation form to complete and submit once you have covered the 5K.

A huge thank you to our event sponsor Avanit providing AV and IT for Business & Leisure

*Please take personal responsibility for adhering to  Government guidelines regarding social distancing when participating in the event.